Sensus Services to the Pharmaceutical Sector

Sensus offers a range of services to the companies within the pharmaceutical sector:

Braille on Pharmaceutical Packaging Material

Through the RoboBraille/PharmaBraille subscription service, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, designers and others can convert products names and strengths in Braille artwork according to the requirenments of the European Commission. The RoboBraille/PharmaBraille service supports most languages and Braille codes within the European Union. Use of RoboBraille/PharmaBraille requires no knowledge of Braille, and the Braille artwork is delivered in the correct dimensions ready to be placed on the package or label design.

Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Braille

Sensus can validate the correctness of Braille prior to embossing; furthermore, Sensus can test whether Braille embossed on packaging material and labels has the correct tactile characteristics and is readable by Braille readers.

Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) in Alternate Formats

Sensus offers on-demand of production of patient information leaflets (PILs) in alternate formats such Braille, audio and large print. Please call Sensus on +45 48 22 10 03 or mail to learn more and to get a price quote.