Professional Services

Founded in 1987, Sensus is a research-based consultancy organisation specialising in accessibility, inclusion, information technology and disability.

In addition to our accessibility and technology development practices, Sensus provides a range of professional services relating to technologies for people with special needs. As such, Sensus develops and writes requirement specifications, conducts public tenders, manages projects, conducts market surveys and other research assignmnts, and helps identify funding opportunities.

Sensus furthermore advises on Braille production and production of material in other alternate formats, including Braille on pharmaceutical packaging material and patient information leaflets in alternate formats. Sensus can also produce and verify the quality of material in Braille and other alternate formats.

Organisations and individuals with good ideas on how technology may be used to assist, support inclusion or remove barriers for people with special needs are welcome to contact Sensus to discuss how such ideas may be turned into actual products and services.