Inclusion Technology

Sensus develops technologies to improve accessibility, promote inclusion and support self-sufficiency of people with disabilities.

Accessibility and Alternate Media Solutions

Sensus develops innovative technologies to support inclusion of people with disabilities in mainstream education, at work and elsewhere.

For more than 25 years, Sensus has fostered a wide range of solutions including the award-winning RoboBraille service, SensusAccess, SensusLibrary and SensusBraille.

Please visit the subsections for examples of some of these solutions.


SensusAccess is an automated accessibility and document conversion service for academic institutions.

SensusAccess automatically converts a wide range of documents into alternate formats such as digital Braille, MP3, DAISY structured audio books, digital large-print and e-books. The service can also be used to convert otherwise inaccessible or tricky documents into more accessible formats or formats that are easier to work with.

To learn more about SensusAccess and to book a demo, please visit the SensusAccess main service site


SensusLibrary is a digital library for alternate media such as digital Braille, audio books in MP3 and DAISY format, e-books, movies and more.

SensusLibrary is a framework solution for managing alternate media assets. SensusLibrary is used to establish national libraries for the blind, as in-house repositories at academic institutions and as shared repositories amongst collaborating organizations.

SensusLibrary can manage most digital materials in alternate, accessible formats such as plain text, textbooks, large-print, audio books (DAISY), movies and e-books.

SensusLibrary also manages the different types of users and user privileges, including alternate media producers, librarians, students with disabilities, teachers and relatives, and ensures that library collections are operated within the boundaries of the relevant copyright legislation.

SensusLibrary of closely integrated with SensusAccess, enabling users to automatically convert material from the library into other alternate formats. SensusLibrary is also integrated with library meta databases from Dansk BiblioteksCenter, US Library of Congress and others.

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