Digital Libraries and Alternate Media Solutions

Sensus develops innovative technologies that support inclusion of people with special needs in mainstream education, on the labour market and in society as a whole. We call these inclusion technologies.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Sensus advises on digital accessibility and accessible web design, undertakes formal accessibility audits and conducts national and international accessibility surveys.

The Sensus accessibility services are based on internationally recognised standards and guidelines, including the accessibility guidelines published by the W3C. The W3C accessibility guidelines also form the foundation for the official Danish accessibility requirements.


SensusLibrary is a digital library for alternate media. As a framework solution, SensusLibrary is available in customized versions to academic institutions, NGOs and others who wish to establish digital libraries for the print impaired.

Included in this sample implementation of SensusLibrary is a collection of documents that illustrate the flexibility of the solution: Text documents, digital Braille documents, audio files, Daisy projects, e-books, videos, audio pictures, scanned images and more.

Professional Services

Sensus advises on use and development of technologies for people with special needs. As such, Sensus develops and writes requirement specifications, conducts public tenders, manages projects, conducts market surveys and other research assignmnts, and help identify funding opportunities.

Sensus furthermore advises on Braille production and production of material in other alternate formats, including Braille on pharmaceutical packaging material and patient information leaflets in alternate formats. Sensus can also produce and verify the quality of material in Braille and other alternate formats.